Acoustic Country/Folk/Punk

"In many ways an every person's songwriter, Allred, like legendary Woody Guthrie, makes his vision yours."

                          -Stonewall Society, 2013​

"I've got skin of steel / and a heart made of stone / lord knows I still feel / every single broken bone"

                                             -- Kevin Allred

About Kevin

Kevin Allred is a fierce performer, engaging audiences witha mix of humor and a heart on-his-sleeve candor that is not readily available in today’s music scene.  His live performances blend personal storytelling with raw emotion, all on top of a heavily strummed acoustic guitar and soaring, expressive vocals.  Think acoustic punk rock meets soul singing.  Jennifer Layton of has described Allred as “earnest, yearning, angry, energized –even during the quieter ballads, he sounds like he couldn’t sit still if younailed his sneakers to the floor.”  His new album – Brave (Songs: 2005-2012) – harnesses that same live experience that has thrilled andmoved listeners for years, into a collection of songs that forces the listener to both feel the intense pain Allred conveys while still proudly pumping their fist in the air:  he sings for the outcasts, he rages, he preaches, he longs, he laments.  And he makes it sound like he is sitting right in your living room with you while he does it. 

Kevin Allred Music